Software solutions from research to the market

Since its foundation in 2009, scapos AG has been offering support to research institutions and SMEs in the distribution of their software products. Our software suppliers include research institutes such as the Fraunhofer Institute SCAI or the Fraunhofer Institute IAIS, but also companies such as SIDACT GmbH.

Industrial software solutions with a high degree of innovation and mature technology are our core business. The products are developed in cooperation with the user groups and thus always meet the current requirements from practice.

We have access to a worldwide network of sales partners, which enables us to sell our partners’ innovative solutions in growth markets such as Asia or America.

In addition to sales, we are also available to our customers and partners for all questions regarding the installation and use of the software. We do this in close coordination with the developers of the products so that we can always provide the right answers to questions about further developments or adjustments.

Our team – your contact persons

You are interested in a product from our portfolio or would like to contact us for another reason. We would be happy to talk to you in person:

Dr. Guy Lonsdale
Dr. Guy LonsdaleChairman of the Board
Thorsten Bathelt
Thorsten BatheltBoard of Directors
Dr. Guntram Berti
Dr. Guntram BertiEU Project Management
Beatrix Degen
Beatrix DegenSales support
Ying Ge-Wolf
Ying Ge-WolfProduct sales
Dr. Ralf Heckmann
Dr. Ralf HeckmannProduct sales
Bettina Keller
Bettina KellerProduct sales
Britta Lück
Britta LückBack Office
Beriwan Musto
Beriwan MustoProduct sales
Mario Prang
Mario PrangProduct sales
Natascha Silva
Natascha SilvaProduct sales
Carina Göbel-Weidenbach
Carina Göbel-WeidenbachFinance & Controlling

Partner & Kooperationen

Seit ihrer Gründung in 2009 bietet die scapos AG Forschungseinrichtungen und KMUs Unterstützung beim Vertrieb ihrer Softwareprodukte an. Zu unseren Softwarelieferanten zählen Forschungsinstitute wie das Fraunhofer-Institut SCAI oder das Fraunhofer-Institut IAIS, aber auch Unternehmen wie die SIDACT GmbH.