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scapos – technical software products

We are a specialized software provider

Technical software products from research institutions such as the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft and solutions from innovative start-ups characterize the scapos AG offering. We focus on simulation (CAE), cutting and packaging optimization, industrial metrology and AI technologies.

Discover the software solution for your requirement

Industrial software solutions with a high degree of innovation and mature technology are our core business. The products are developed in cooperation with the user groups and thus always meet the current requirements from practice.

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Partner & Kooperationen

Seit ihrer Gründung in 2009 bietet die scapos AG Forschungseinrichtungen und KMUs Unterstützung beim Vertrieb ihrer Softwareprodukte an. Zu unseren Softwarelieferanten zählen Forschungsinstitute wie das Fraunhofer-Institut SCAI oder das Fraunhofer-Institut IAIS, aber auch Unternehmen wie die SIDACT GmbH.

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