On the way to automatic event detection for crash simulations

Benefits & Features

SimCompare is a tool for detecting events, such as anomalies or unusual variations in deformations, that occur in the results of similar simulation runs for crashworthiness analysis using finite element (FE) models. SimCompare compares two FE simulation results based on one or more, arbitrary node/element data functions In doing so, for example, displacements, plastic strains or failed elements can be detected over time. Components with the largest differences with regard to several comparison dimensions and a suitable threshold value are automatically highlighted by the software.
  • Seamless interface as a plug-in
  • Comparison based on functions for node and element data
  • Determination of strongly influenced components
  • Several comparison measures
  • Visualization of local results
  • Automatic report generation and storage of results
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Fraunhofer SCAI

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Context & Functionality

In computer-aided engineering (CAE), numerous design changes occur throughout the design development process until the final model meets all design criteria. Each of these design changes must be analyzed and their influences on the simulation results compared and evaluated. SimCompare is a tool for easy analysis of the effects of design changes in relation to data functions.

SimCompare automatically highlights relevant components over time along with local hotspots related to design changes. In this way, users gain insight into the effects of design changes, starting with just two simulations. In particular, it is no longer necessary to set up a simulation database. Manual determination of the differences is no longer necessary. To document the impact of design changes, the software generates a report that is automatically customized for each analysis run.

Comparison based on functions for node and element data

Any functions available in the simulation models for node or element data (such as plastic strains, displacements) as well as the function of the failed elements can be selected via the plug-in or via a configuration file for comparison. To analyze displacements, rigid body motions can be extracted by setting appropriate anchor points. This allows detailed insight into local influences on, for example, deformations, plastic strains and stresses with respect to a specific design change (dimension).

Determination of strongly influenced components

The differences for individual components are calculated for similarly discretized FE models. SimCompare uses specialized and established mapping techniques known from SCAI’s ModelCompare tool. This allows comparisons of models with modified or combined components. The software automatically filters out the most affected components to systematically detect the influences of design changes. In addition, SimCompare’s graphical user interface allows results to be explored interactively over time. The software informs about which events occur locally (part ID and location) and when these events occur (time range).

Visualization of local results

Deviations are visualized in both models, node-wise and element-wise, in the deformed lattice state. An exception is the visualization of deviations in failed elements. These are displayed on the non-deformed grid with the failed elements superimposed. This functionality simplifies the detection of local hotspots. The entire vehicle or relevant components are displayed to provide an overview of the effects of design changes.

Automatic report generation and storage of results

Automatic creation of PDF reports facilitates archiving of analysis results. In addition, all differences are saved node/element-wise for loading in the preprocessor tool. SimCompare stores the comparison results component by component in structured JSON files that support further post-processing. This greatly simplifies the integration of results into simulation data management (SDM) tools.

More advantages & features

Several comparison measures

Several measures of comparison (metrics) are available to focus on global or local influences. These can be extended to other engineering-based metrics, including expert knowledge, if desired.

Seamless interface as a plug-in

SimCompare is available as a plug-in for GNS Animator or as a stand-alone batch tool. The results are visualized directly in Animator. Thus, no additional tool is needed for CAE and SimCompare analysis can be easily integrated into an established analysis workflow.

Automatic event detection

The developers of SimCompare at Fraunhofer SCAI combine mathematics and machine learning to integrate existing application knowledge into data analysis methods. Thus, SimCompare represents an important step towards automatic event detection in an overall simulation data analysis workflow. The tool allows to systematically analyze a design tree and detect deviations caused by design changes. SimCompare can be used hand in hand with SCAI’s ModelCompare software to identify design actions realized through model fitting.