PUZZLE optimizes the loading of pallets and shipping cartons. In addition to calculating the most favorable arrangement of packages in a defined space, the software also supports the selection of a suitable loading aid.

Based on article data, additional customer specifications and master data, a complex algorithm calculates the optimum arrangement for the packages to be loaded, including the loading sequence.

Special features of the software

  • Optimization of cardboard boxes and/or pallets
  • Calculation of article-only and mixed orders possible
  • 2-stage optimization (product in outer packaging -> pallet)
  • Easy integration into IT systems through PUZZLE REST API
  • Interactive visualization of the optimized charging units
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Benefit & value

In addition to calculating the most favorable arrangement of packages in a defined space, the software also supports the selection of a suitable loading aid and thus enables optimal support in order picking. The software can be accessed both via a browser and via an interface directly from the customer’s own IT systems (WMS; ERP…).

With PUZZLE®, users get a high-quality solution that is easy to use, flexible, platform-independent and scalable. Let us convince you of the advantages and benefit from a solid and efficient optimization software.

Users/Target groups

More than 50 companies already benefit from efficient load space distribution through PUZZLE®. For more than two decades, the multiple award-winning software has been continuously developed and adapted to new requirements.

PUZZLE® can be used universally and across all industries: Whether logistics service provider, freight forwarder, shipping service or logistics software provider, but also manufacturing and trading industry with independent logistics area: PUZZLE® is suitable for every industry, because it can be individually adapted and configured.

Functions / Modules

All PUZZLE modules work reliably even with large article assortments. Optimization results can be made available in various ways – e.g. in the form of interactive 3D graphics.

PUZZLE Pack+: Optimization of article-pure orders / 2-stage optimization.

With the PUZZLE Box and PUZZLE Pack modules, customers can calculate the optimal arrangement of their sorted goods in cardboard boxes or pallets.

As a combination of the two modules, PUZZLE Pack+ first optimizes the arrangement of packages in a carton and then determines the optimal stacking of the cartons on a pallet.

PUZZLE SHIP-IT: Picking of mixed article orders

Which outer carton is best suited for an order? How many and which pallets are necessary for the shipping order?

The PUZZLE SHIP-IT module enables pallet and carton optimization for a given range of loading equipment. In particular, large orders of mixed articles can be optimally planned, taking into account the respective requirements.

  • Picking orders are read in
  • Customized cardboard boxes and/or pallets selected
  • Results with optimal arrangements are output
  • Direct connection to WMS/ERP systems possible via API

Individual parameters

For customized solutions, the user can specify both permitted orientations of the packages (rotations) and different packing patterns (e.g. block or spiral).

PUZZLE REST API – easy integration

PUZZLE can be accessed and integrated by other IT systems via the new REST API. Thus, this interface enables WMS manufacturers and end users to use PUZZLE’s functions in an automated way.

Our offer for WMS providers: Expand your product portfolio with the functionalities of Puzzle!

  • PUZZLE REST API for easy integration
  • DIY documentation incl. Examples:
    • Transfer of the order data
    • Processing of the order data by PUZZLE
    • Returning the results to the WMS system
    • and much more.
  • Optional plug-ins provide e.g. PNG graphics or reports in PDF format on request.

The minimal configuration to connect to a system consists of the REST API and a PUZZLE CORE license. Depending on your wishes, this configuration can be extended with the following plug-ins:

  • BEST FIT – Determination of the best result from a combination of all possible load carriers.
  • Export formats:
    • PNG -Output as PNG file
    • Excel – output as Excel list
    • HTML – output as HTML file
    • PDF – Output as PDF Report.

Other features of PUZZLE

  • Multilingual (German, English, French)
  • Adjustable package surfaces e.g. for cartons, totes, trays
  • Individual definition of the orientation of the packages
  • Optional consideration of the maximum top weights of the packages
  • Optional, integrated stability test
  • Easy access to a range of standardized load carriers
  • Interactive visualization of the optimized charging units
  • Detailed reports (PDF, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX or RTF)