AutoNester-L automatically generates optimized nests on leather hides. The software nests the parts optimally in a very short time, minimizes waste and considers various placement requirements.

This image shows a data set from the furniture industry (upholstered furniture). Parts with these shapes should be cut out of the leather hide.

Time and cost savings

  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces material waste
  • Creates nests in a short time, even with complex specifications
  • Outperforms manually generated results in many cases
  • Can be controlled via an interface (API) and thus integrated into other software

Benefit & value

AutoNester-L is a software package for automatic marker making on leather hides, widely used in the leather and automotive industries. For materials other than leather, we offer the AutoNester-T software.

AutoNester-L is capable of optimally nesting any quantity of parts in a very short time, minimizing waste, and following various specifications. The material utilization of the nests generated by AutoNester-L is competitive with the results obtained by experienced human marker makers and often surpasses them.

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Fraunhofer SCAI

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Nesting examples

The sectional views shown have been calculated by AutoNester-L. The specified runtimes refer to a standard PC. The colors in the parts and the hide indicate different levels of quality. Blue marks the best quality on the hide and the highest quality requirement on a part, followed by pink and red. Yellow stands for the lowest quality or the lowest quality requirement and black indicates defects on the leather hide. The parts must be placed on the hide in such a way that each region of a part that has a certain quality requirement lies on a region of the hide that has at least that quality level.

  • Up to sixteen different quality levels
  • Quality zones on the parts and the leather hide
  • Consideration of holes in the leather hide
  • free rotation of the parts
  • Nesting on several hides at the same time

Features of AutoNester-L

  • Pre-placed pieces
  • Goal efficiency
  • Time limits
  • Unrestricted number of pieces
  • Nap and flip restrictions
  • Rotation adjustable
  • Angle of rotation tolerance adjustable
  • Bundle support
  • Stretching zone support

  • multipart pieces
  • Consideration of holes and damage in the material


AutoNester-L combines current optimization techniques and latest research results to achieve the best results in the shortest time. We use local search techniques based on new variants of Simulated Annealing, multiple iterated greedy strategies paired with efficient heuristics, and fast, high-quality pattern recognition techniques.

In the local search procedures, we use fully dynamic and statistical methods for parameter setting to increase quality and speed. We use a combination of branch-and-bound algorithms and linear programming to calculate quality guarantees for the generated nests.

Software & API

The AutoNester-L software package for the automatic creation of nests on leather hides and other materials having different quality zones can be used via an application programming interface (API) The software is aimed at developers of CAD and similar systems for the leather processing industry and for other industries with compatible packaging problems. Software developers can easily integrate AutoNester-L into their own software.

AutoNester-L is available for all Microsoft Windows PC operating systems.