CuboNester-P arranges various cuboid parts in layers in an optimized way. The software is particularly suitable for packing disassembled furniture into packages.

Benefits & Features

The CuboNester software arranges cuboid or nearly cuboid parts such as material blocks, boxes or boards optimized in three dimensions. The algorithm can combine a variety of different parts into one arrangement. The software is available in two variants:
  • The CuboNester-P shown here addresses packing, for example of furniture parts into packages.
  • CuboNester-C is designed for cutting blocks of material and can be used for metal, marble, graphite or foam, among others. Here you can find info about CuboNester-C.

Other obvious applications for CuboNesters include packing boxes into shipping cartons for mixed orders in online retail, and pallet and container loading.

CuboNester-P generates packing arrangements through a configurable set of rules. This specifies the parts to be packed together with possible types of packs. The software takes into account both hard rules (which must be fulfilled) and soft rules (which should be adhered to, but may also be broken if necessary) during packaging.

CuboNester-P dynamically determines the size of the resulting packages by the content of each package. However, maximum dimensions can be specified in the regulations.

With CuboNester-P, one can improve the packaging process through a higher degree of automation. Manual packing trials are no longer necessary, and both the packaging and the subsequent logistics can be planned at an early stage. This makes CuboNester-P perfect for online trade with constantly varying part combinations.

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Use of the software

CuboNester is distributed as a pure optimization engine and can easily be integrated into other applications, such as plant control systems, MES, or ERP systems. For this purpose, CuboNester has an XML interface that can be used via standard input/output, files, or network service. The software runs on all current Microsoft Windows operating systems.

To give you an impression of the performance of our software before you integrate it into your systems, we offer a demo GUI. This simple GUI is not suitable for daily productive use.

CuboNester addresses two groups of customers

  • Software solution providers who want to integrate an optimization into their application.

  • Companies that are willing to program a corresponding connection to their IT systems or ask their IT service provider to do so.

Simply better packing with CuboNester-P

Rule based packing

CuboNester-P plans packaging arrangements not geometrically, but rule-based in layers and can thus take into account the variety and different aspects of parts to be packed.

Perfect for custom packaging

CuboNester-P creates packing plans for stacks, which can then be packed into appropriately sized boxes.

Configure once, use fully automatically

To use CuboNester-P, the respective packaging requirements must be analyzed once and mapped in a rules document. Fraunhofer SCAI provides support in this area at the customer’s request. After the software has been connected to existing systems via the existing XML interface, CuboNester-P creates fully automated packaging plans for furniture orders, for example, without a user interface.


  • Rule based packing
  • Input of both hard and soft rules possible
  • Package dimensions adjusted to content
  • Pure nesting engine
  • XML interface
  • Runtime and optimization strength adjustable
  • Configurable trade-off between different optimization goals