On May 1st, Fortissimo Plus (FFplus) – the fourth edition of the Fortissimo projects – was officially launched. Just like its predecessors, FFplus is set to be a driving force in advancing the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU)’s mission of promoting HPC and AI adoption to SMEs and start-ups across a wide range of industrial sectors.

The Fortissimo project series, which started with Fortissimo (2013-2016), Fortissimo 2 (2015-2018) and FF4EuroHPC (2020-2023), had executed more than 130 experiments, resulting in 120 success stories, involving 330 partners. SMEs will be supported through six open calls to fund business experiments and innovation studies demonstrating the business benefits of HPC and generative AI while running their own experiments.

scapos supports the overall project management and is responsible for the implementation of the six Open Calls for the selection of experiments and innovation studies.